I’ve known Amanda for 15 years as a working associate in many art programs. She is a creative, detail oriented thinker who has managed cost effective Gala’s, art exhibitions, and festivals to mention just a few.  The resulting events were excellent in every way, exhibitions that people enthusiastically attended, with positive financial outcomes.               

Gregory Johnson Fine Art.

I have been a professional artist for 35 years there are a handful of people who I would consider excellent in their field. Amanda is one of them. For the past fifteen  years Amanda and I have worked very closely on numerous art projects she has been an adviser,  negotiator, and consultant to the public on my behalf. I have a quote that I always use for someone who I have complete confidence in: If I have seen further than others; it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. (Sir Isaac Newton)

Amanda has been one of my giants

dennis campay

Campay Studios Inc

“I began working with Amanda in 2011 when I opened my art store. Having just moved here, and being a professional commisioned artist, a new area is tough to navigate and get around in. She was well-versed and adept at connecting art with buyer, businesses and sponsors with a need for specific art or artist. Predicting and curating, and the tough job of critiquing the work of tempermental artists in a gentile, guiding and educated manner. Amanda has been an amazing associate and advocate for me.”

– Mary Frances Hull

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